Lawson, NSW, originally named 'Blue Mountain'

Concentric Circle engraving at WoodfordThe Trust was established in 2008 by priest-archaeologist, the Rev Dr Eugene Stockton. It was named after the original place name, Blue Mountain [singular], for the village of Lawson in the Blue Mountains where Fr Eugene grew up and where he now lives. The Trust was established for the advancement of religious enquiry, religious studies, Aboriginal studies, education and research for the local community and the Australian community at large [see further information below and at right].

The logo of the Trust is a stylised representation of an engraving of concentric circles carved by Aboriginal people found at Woodford. Concentric Circle carvings were considered to have spiritual significance to the indigenous people. [Click image at right to enlarge]

The railway station at Lawson, 1867, then called 'Blue Mountain' (until 1870). Viewing West.

The Objects of the Blue Mountain Education & Research Trust

The objects of the Trust include but are not limited, to the following purposes:

  1. To review and continue the research initiated by Fr Stockton in religious studies, Aboriginal studies and archaeology.
  2. Based at Lawson, the original "Blue Mountain", with an emphasis on arousing awareness and collaborative participation to:
    • Disseminate knowledge and ideas on the above and related topics.
    • Host forums, talks and conferences for the advancement of matters of religious and social concern.
    • Engage in interfaith, cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogue.
    • Publish talks, papers and books, especially those whose authors are members of, or working with the local community.
  3. To pursue any other purpose ancillary to, or associated with, the above objects.

More about
Dr Eugene Stockton
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Blue Mountain Education
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Rev Dr Eugene Stockton

Eugene Stockton, as a priest of the Diocese of Parramatta (NSW), was a longtime seminary lecturer and served in parish, university and Aboriginal ministries. He has degrees in Divinity, Philosophy and Sacred Scripture. As an archaeologist he has engaged in excavations and surveys in many parts of the Middle East and Australia. These varied interests have led to many publications, especially in the pursuit of an Australian spirituality.

The Blue Mountain Education & Rsearch Trust (BMERT) was legally established in May 2008, with initial capital derived from the sales of Blue Mountain Dreaming.

To date the Trust has published fourteen books and it also supports the ongoing work of the Greater Blue Mountains Aboriginal Studies Forum (established 2010) which coordinates field work in the Blue Mountains recording the history of the indigenous pre-European occupation and history of the Blue Mountains.

Read more about Fr Eugene in this article by Virginia Knight Publised in Catholic Outlook HERE.

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